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Decontamination cleaning in Pevensey

Clean Corner provides decontamination cleaning across all of our surrounding areas.

Keeping premises clean and safe

With our professional decontamination services

Particularly in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses and other organisations are increasingly concerned about keeping their work premises clean and safe. Clean Corner provides our commercial cleaning services to help with this, but also we can now provide decontamination cleaning.


We use the latest equipment including ULV fogging and Ozone spray, these are the standard cleaning tools used to protect against as much harmful bacteria as possible. If you are responsible for some commercial premises and would like a thorough deep clean, just give our team a call.


Keep your premises safe

With the help of Clean Corner and our decontamination cleaning services.

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Protect against harmful bacteria

  • Decontamination cleaning

  • ULV fogging

  • Ozone spray

  • Ideal for any commercial premises

  • Businesses, offices, schools, public buildings, etc.

  • Works in any interior area

Ozone spray

Our equipment

The equipment Clean Corners uses is a UVL anti fogging machine and Ozone spray. Ultra Low Volume fogging treatment is a fairly new method of light fumigation that is ideal for any interior area. We combine this with Ozone spray which consists of Ozone oxidising particles which can help to neutralize biological matter such as bacteria and viruses.


"Very good, excellent and flexible - great to have met Iza and her team, all round very high quality of cleaning and would highly recommend them."



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Clean and safe workplaces

Clean Corner can arrange our decontamination cleaning at intervals to suit you and your company. To discuss your requirements, give our trained team in Pevensey a call today: