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Experienced crime scene cleaners in Pevensey

Clean Corner are registered with our local Council as crime scene cleaners.

24/7 crime scene cleaning

Working within 15-miles of Pevensey

It is not a well-known fact, but the cleaning up of crime scenes does not sit with the police of other public authorities. After the forensic teams have finished their work, then the property owner will need to call in a crime scene cleaner who can handle all of the potential biohazards such as bodily fluids or blood.

​It is never a pleasant task, but it is one that Clean Corner can perform for you. We work all across our local Pevensey area and are available 24/7, meaning that we can be with you as soon as the investigators have left to thoroughly clean and sanitise your property.

Sanitise the crime scene

With the help of Clean Corner in Pevensey

Professional cleaning

Experienced crime scene cleaners
Registered with our local council
All of our staff and fully train
DBS checked
Registered with our local council as crime scene cleaners

How does it work?

If your property has been unfortunate enough to be the scene of a crime, you will need to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned to protect against biohazards. Clean Corner can be called 24/7 and our team will come on site with all the equipment necessary to make sure every trace of bodily fluid and blood is removed.


"Brilliant company. Such a good and organised service Eastbourne. Excellent"


Blood borne pathogens are a threat to human health Always make sure you choose an approved crime scene cleaner. Get in touch with Clean Corner 24/7 by calling our experienced team: